Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The one

So I have been trying to get that one special shot of Joey..the smile. That adorable, precious smile that I have figured out how to get to come out by:

Blowing zerberts on his tummy

Blowing on his neck

and best of all..smelling his feet and telling him his feet stink..PU-PU-PU!

And once I do these things I can get this face...and tonight with John's help I was able to finally capture it on film ..er.. digital card?

He was just laughing tonight when we would just look at him and say hi..what a cutie pie.

At his 4 mos check up yesterday he was 15.6 lbs and 64.5 cm

Dr. S decided to try to treat his cough/breathing troubles as reflux and prescribed him Prevacid. We will try the meds for 2 weeks and if no help..we have to see a pediatrician about steriod treatments. crossing fingers.

He loves to suck on his fingers and when laying on his back he sticks his feet straight up in the air

We leave for the Dells this Friday..Joey will stay with my parents again. It probably isnt the best place to have a baby along and will give us a chance to give Jack all the attention...but I will miss him again!!!

This is the 2nd night I have eaten my dinner at 10pm..just too much to do. With daylight savings time it stays light later..fools us that it is earlier...oh well I will take the sunlight anyday!

Finishing watching Young&the Restless on Dvr then off to bed...

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